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Ivan Ohlídal, Karel Navrátil

Method for determining the refractive index and thickness of a non-absorbing thin film with randomly rough boundaries

Thin Solid Films 44 (1977) 313–321

In this paper a simple method for determining the refractive index and the mean thickness of a non-absorbing generally rough thin film is proposed using the assumption that both rough boundaries are independent from the geometrical and statistical viewpoints. The absolute values and the positions of the extrema with odd interference order are used to interpret the spectral dependence of coherent reflectance for a normal angle of incidence of the light. The method is demonstrated using the Si-SiO2 system; both boundaries of this system are described by normal distributions. It is also shown that, using the relations that are valid for normal distributions, satisfactory results may sometimes be obtained where the distributions are not normal for both boundaries and where their characters are unknown.

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