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J. Sopousek, Jiří Buršík, J. Zalesak, Vilma Buršíková, P. Broz

Interaction of Silver Nanopowder with Copper Substrate

Science of Sintering 43 (2011) 33-38

Addition of lead into tin based solders represents a serious health risk and environmental problem. Lead-free solders represent one of the ways to remove pollution of lead into environment, nevertheless, new advanced joining methods have to be considered. Aggregation effect of nanoparticles studied in this work seems to be an interesting alternative. It was found experimentally that Ag nanopowder annealed at temperatures above silver oxide decomposition forms continuous Ag layer and yields a firm junction between copper plates. Oxide layer is observed at the Cu-Ag interface. The oxide interlayer thickness reflects the temperature and annealing time. Microstructure of prepared experimental joints, composition profiles and local mechanical properties were studied on cross-sectional samples by analytical electron microscopy and depth-sensing indentation technique.

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