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Xiaoxi Duan, Feng He, Jiting Ouyang

Uniformity of a dielectric barrier glow discharge: experiments and two-dimensional modeling

Plasma Sources Science and Technology 21 (2012) 0000

The experimental and calculated results of uniformity in a glow dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) under sub-atmospheric pressures are reported. Driven by a square-wave power source, the discharge in a parallel-electrode DBD system shows uniform or various lateral structures under different conditions. There exists a critical frequency below which the DBD is uniform for almost all the applied voltages. Above the critical frequency, a non-uniform (patterned) discharge is observed and the patterned structures change with frequency and voltage. A two-dimensional fluid modeling is performed on this DBD system which shows similar results in agreement with the experiments. The simulations reveal that the distribution of the space electron density at the beginning of each voltage pulse plays an important role in achieving the uniformity. Uniform space charge results in a uniform DBD. The patterned DBD always evolves from the initial uniform state to the eventual non-uniform one. During this process, the space electrons form a patterned distribution ahead of the surface charges and lead to non-uniform discharge channels.

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