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Remy Maurau, Nicolas D. Boscher, Jerome Guillot, Patrick Choquet

Nitrogen Introduction in pp-HMDSO Thin Films Deposited by Atmospheric Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge: An XPS Study

Plasma Processes and Polymers 9 (2012) 316-323

We report on the change of chemistry involved by molecular nitrogen in the deposition process of pp-HMDSO thin films with an AP-DBD, using HMDSO as chemical precursor. By modifying the composition of the main gas from pure argon to pure nitrogen, thin films composition varied from SiOC:H to SiOCN:H. A small amount of nitrogen favours polymer chain propagation, by consuming species responsible for chain termination and playing a role in propagation phase. Higher nitrogen content leads to more cross-linked coatings. The use of optical emission spectroscopy together with FT-IR and XPS is shown to be relevant to study such processes.

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