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Pavel Dvořák, Petr Vasina, Vilma Buršíková, R. Zemlicka

Monitoring of PVD, PECVD and etching plasmas using Fourier components of RF voltage

Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 52 (2010) 124011-124022

Fourier components of discharge voltages were measured in two different reactive plasmas and their response to the creation or destruction of a thin film was studied. In reactive magnetron sputtering the effect of transition from the metallic to the compound mode accompanied by the creation of a compound film on the sputtered target was observed. Further, deposition and etching of a diamond-like carbon film and their effects on amplitudes of Fourier components of the discharge voltage were studied. It was shown that the Fourier components, including higher harmonic frequencies, sensitively react to the presence of a film. Therefore, they can be used as a powerful tool for the monitoring of deposition and etching processes. It was demonstrated that the behaviour of the Fourier components was caused in both experiments by the presence of the film. It was not caused by changes in the chemical composition of the gas phase induced by material etched from the film or decrease in gettering rate. Further, the observed behaviour was not affected by the film conductivity. The behaviour of the Fourier components can be explained by the difference between the coefficients of secondary electron emission of the film and its underlying material.

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