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Petr Klapetek, David Nečas

Independent analysis of mechanical data from atomic force microscopy

Measurement Science and Technology 25 (2014) 044009

Present atomic force microscopes are capable of acquiring large data volumes by point using point force-distance spectroscopic measurements. Even if different trade names and different technical implementations are used, for most of these techniques a force-distance curve in every image pixel is measured, this curve is immediately fitted by some theoretical dependency and results are displayed as a mechanical properties channel (Young modulus, adhesion, etc.). Results are processed during the measurement directly in the SPM controller or, after it, by manufacturer provided software. In this article we present a software tool for independent numerical processing of such data, including more numerical models for force distance curves evaluation and including a simple estimate of uncertainties related with fitting procedure. This can improve the reliability and the analytical possibilities of mechanical properties mapping methods in atomic force microscopy.

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DOI: 10.1088/0957-0233/25/4/044009

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