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Šarunas Meškinis, Sigitas Tamulevičius, Vitoldas Kopustinskas, Angele Gudonyte, V. Grigaliūnas, J. Jankauskas, Rimas Gudaitis

Micromachining of Diamond-like Carbon Deposited by Closed Drift Ion Source for Cantilevers and Membranes

Materials Science-Medziagotyra 15 (2009) 201-206

In the present study production of the freestanding film structures of diamond like carbon (DLC) and DLC containing SiO(x) (DLC:SiO(x)) are analysed. Role of the residual stress on the process of the micromachining of the “conventional” hydrogenated DLC and DLC:SiO(x) deposited by closed drift ion source has been investigated. Substantially reduced level of the internal stress (less than 0.5 GPa) as a result of the diamond like carbon film doping by SiO(x) was observed. DLC:SiO(x) free-standing film both cantilever and bridge-shaped with >1 mu m thickness were successfully fabricated applying SiO(2) as a sacrificial layer by combination of the lift-off technique and wet chemical etching.

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