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P. Strelec, Ivan Ohlídal, Edward Schmidt

Colour properties of detuned alternating multilayer systems

Journal of Physics D 25 (1992) 297–302

In this paper colour properties of non-absorbing detuned multilayer systems are studied. Attention is devoted to two-layer, three-layer and four-layer alternating systems placed on glass substrates. The dependences of the colour coordinates on the changes of all the thicknesses of the films forming the systems are investigated. The colour coordinate purity is discussed for the detuned systems mentioned. Comparison with the non-absorbing tuned alternating systems is carried out from the point of view of this purity. It has been found that the detuned systems can have a higher colour purity than the tuned ones even when the total number of films forming the tuned systems is greater than the number of films forming the detuned systems. This fact implies that detuned multilayer systems may be useful for some glass jewellery applications.

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