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M. Hartmanova, E. E. Lomonova, F. Kubel, J. Schneider, Vilma Buršíková, M. Jergel, Vladislav Navrátil, F. Kundracik

Relationship between effective ionic radii, structure and electro-mechanical properties of zirconia stabilized with rare earth oxides M(2)O(3) (M = Yb, Y, Sm)

Journal of Materials Science 44 (2009) 234-243

Zirconia stabilized with various concentrations of rare earth oxides of Yb, Sm and Y with different effective ionic radii ratio between the dopant and host cations was studied. In particular, structure, phase composition, compositional range for existence of cubic solid solutions and their phase transformations, stabilization degree of high-temperature phases and the crystal chemistry and type of solid solutions were investigated. These findings were related to the measured material characteristics, namely the electrical conductivity, microhardness and effective elastic modulus, to elucidate various effects important for practical applications, such as an increase of electrical conductivity due to the pyrochlore phase occurrence or an increase of microhardness arising from the effect of dynamic strain ageing.

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