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S. V. Hainsworth, N. J. Uhure

Diamond like carbon coatings for tribology: production techniques, characterisation methods and applications

International Materials Reviews 52 (2007) 153-174

The application of diamond like carbon (DLC) coatings in tribological applications, the range of deposition methods employed and techniques for characterising the structure and properties of the films produced are reviewed. Thus far, DLC coatings have found broad industrial application, particularly in optical and electronic areas. In tribological applications, DLC coatings are used successfully as coatings for ball bearings where they decrease the friction coefficient between the ball and race; in shaving applications where they increase the life of razor blades in wet shaving applications; and increasingly in automotive applications such as racing engines and standard production vehicles. The structure and mechanical properties of DLC coatings are dependent on the deposition method and the incorporation of additional elements such as nitrogen, hydrogen, silicon and metal dopants. These additional elements control the hardness of the resultant film, the level of residual stress and the tribological properties. As DLC films increasingly become adopted for use in industry, knowledge of the factors that control their properties, and thus the ultimate performance of coated components in practical tribological applications, becomes increasingly important. The current state of tribological research on DLC is reviewed.

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