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Ivan Ohlídal, Daniel Franta, Petr Klapetek, Martin Vičar

Relationship between AFM and optical measurements at analyzing surface roughness

Jemná mechanika a optika 44 (1999) 307–311

In this paper a comparison of the values of the basic surface roughness parameters determined by atomic force microscopy and a combined optical method is performed for a chosen sample of SiO2-film with identically randomly rough boundaries placed onto a silicon single crystal wafer. The combined optical method is based on simultaneous interpretation of the experimental data corresponding to variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry and near-normal spectroscopic reflectometry. It is shown that the comparison of the results achieved using both the methods mentioned can be successfully performed if the influence influence of individual spatial frequencies of the harmonic components of random surface roughness on the optical quantities measured is based into account.

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