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Vladimir Jesus Trava-Airoldi, Lucia Vieira Santos, Luis Francisco Bonetti, Gil Capote, Polyana Alves Radi, Evaldo Jose Corat

Tribological and mechanical properties of DLC film obtained on metal surface by an enhanced and low-cost pulsed-DC discharge

International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering 1 (2007) 417-428

A new, low-cost, enhanced pulsed-DC PACVD deposition system was designed and tested to evaluate its capacity to produce quality DLC films. The main focus of the study was to attain DLC films with low friction coefficients, low total stress, a high degree of hardness, and very good adherence to the substrates on depositions covering a large area at a high growth rate. A summary of degree of hardness, resulting friction coefficients, deposition rates, total stress, adherence, and structural properties as functions of the pulsed-DC voltage and pulse characteristics are presented in this paper.

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