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L. K. Randeniya, A. Bendavid, P. J. Martin, M. S. Amin, E. W. Preston

Molecular structure of SiO(x)-incorporated diamond-like carbon films; evidence for phase segregation

Diamond and Related Materials 18 (2009) 1167-1173

Silicon-oxide incorporated amorphous hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films (SiO(x)-DLC, 1 <= x <= 1.5) containing up to 24 at.% of Si (H is excluded from the atomic percentage Calculations reported here) were prepared using pulsed direct current plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (DC-PECVD). Molecular structure, optical properties and mechanical properties of these films were assessed as a function of Si concentration. The spectroscopic results indicated two structural regimes. First, for Si contents up to -13 at.%, SiO(x)-DLC is formed as a single phase with siloxane, O-Si-C(2), bonding networks. Second, for films with Si concentrations greater than 13 at.%, SiO(x)-DLC with siloxane bonding and SiO(x) deposit simultaneously as segregated phases. The variations in mechanical properties and optical properties as a function of Si content are consistent with the above changes in the film composition. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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