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Zdeněk Navrátil, David Trunec, Radek Šmíd, Lukáš Lazar

A software for optical emission spectroscopy - problem formulation and application to plasma diagnostics

Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 56 (2006) B944-B951

The aim of the presented work was to develop a method, which would make possible to identify spectral lines in complicated optical emission spectra. This is an important task for many optical diagnostic methods. It was found out, that the most useful technique combines a manual identification of the lines by the user, according to the developed database of atomic and molecular lines, and an enhanced support of the user by various assistant mechanisms. Therefore, in this work a software for displaying, identification and analysis of the optical emission spectra was developed. Besides the identification, program enables a basic handling of the spectra, corrections of the wavelengths and intensities of the spectra and calculations of some plasma parameters (e. g. calculation of rotational, vibrational and electron temperatures) or other important quantities (e. g. calculation of integrated intensity). The developed software was applied to the study of low pressure RF discharge in neon.

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