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Pavel Slavíček, Vilma Buršíková, A. Brablec, V Kapicka, Miloš Klíma

Deposition of polymer films by rf discharge at atmospheric pressure

Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 54 (2004) C586-C591

In this contribution we report some typical properties of the discharge which has been used for deposition of thin films and some mechanical parameters of thin films. RF plasma nozzle can burn very well even at atmospheric pressure. Special properties of RF discharges offer hopeful technological applications like deposition of thin solid films. The knowledge of physical parameters of plasma has been required. The parameters of the plasma were investigated by spectral and optical methods. The powered RF electrode of the torch discharge plasma source is made from the metal or dielectric pipe with an inner diameter of 1 divided by 2 nim and with a length of several centimeters. The electrode is connected through the matching unit to the RF generator driven at the frequency of 13.56 MHz. The mixture of argon and n-hexane or HMDSO (hexamethyldisiloxane, C6H18Si2O) gas flows through the RF electrode at the pipe Fig. 1. Polymer films were deposited on the several substrates e.g. glass, brass polished plates and Si wafers.

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