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Vilma Buršíková, Jan Janča, Pavel Sťahel

Enhancement of the material surface properties by plasma deposition of thin films at atmospheric pressure

Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 52 (2002) 866-871

The objective of the present work is to develop technique for deposition of thin films with desired surface energy, permeability and wear resistance on pulp board surface by means of atmospheric pressure discharge. The decrease in surface energy and permeability may enable utilisation of pulp board as a material for ecological containers. The deposition of thin films was carried out by barrier discharge and surface discharge at atmospheric pressure with the operation frequency of 5 kHz. The films were deposited from different mixtures of organosilicons (hexamethyldisilazane - C6H19Si2N, hexamethyldisiloxane C6H18Si2O) with nitrogen and from octafluorocyclobutane C4F8 with and without nitrogen. Filter paper was used as a substrate because of its similar properties to pulp. A substantial improvement of the hydrophobic properties of the paper substrate was achieved. The contact angle between the paper and the water increased from 46degrees to 140degrees. The permeability of the filter paper decreased about 800 times already after one minute of deposition.

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