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Valentin Mocanu, Adrian Stoica, Lukáš Kelar, Daniel Franta, Vilma Buršíková, Romana Mikšová, Vratislav Peřina

Multifunctional transparent protective coatings on polycarbonates prepared using PECVD

Chemické listy 106 (2012) S1460-S1464

Thin transparent films on polycarbonate substrates were prepared using a capacitively-coupled radio-frequency discharge. The films were obtained from mixtures of hexamethyldisiloxane with oxygen. Varying the discharge parameters and the gas flow rates, multifunctional coatings wre prepared. The films were analysed using depth sensing indentation method, contact angle measurements, surface energy calculation, ellipsometry and spectrophotometry in order to determine the properties and functionality (hardness, fracture toughness, adhesion, internal stress, abrasion resistance, thickness, color, refractive index) of the obtained structures. The behavior of the coatings covers a wide range of material properties from inorganic to polymer-like coatings.

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