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Jiří Vodák, David Nečas, David Pavliňák, Jan M. Macák, Tomáš Řičica, Roman Jambor, Miloslav Ohlídal

Application of imaging spectroscopic reflectometry for characterization of Au reduction from organometallic compound by means of plasma jet technology

Applied Surface Science 396 (2017) 284-290

Imaging spectroscopic reflectometry (ISR) is mainly used to determine area distributions of local thickness and spectral dependencies of local optical constants of thin films non-uniform in these parameters. However the basic principle of the reflectometry – the measurement of sample reflectance – allows to use ISR in other applications. In this article ISR is used to determine a distribution of metallic gold in a layer of an organogold precursor which was thermally treated by a plasma jet. A difference between the reflectance of metallic gold and the precursor was utilized to create an appropriate computer model to obtain the distribution of metallic gold within the layer along the whole sample surface. The basic principle of ISR is shown together with the data acquisition principles. Microscopy observations and XPS measurements were made to complete the ISR results.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2016.10.122

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