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Jakub Holovský, Zdeněk Remeš, Aleš Poruba, Daniel Franta, Brianna Conrad, Lucie Abelová, David Bušek

Measurement of doping profiles by a contactless method of IR reflectance under grazing incidence

Review of Scientific Instruments 89 (2018) 063114

An improved contactless method of the measurement and evaluation of charge carrier profiles in polished wafers by infrared reflectance was developed. The sensitivity of optical reflectance to the incidence angle was theoretically analyzed. A grazing incident angle enhances sensitivity to doping profile parameters. At the same time, the sensitivity to experimental errors sharply increases around the Brewster angle. Therefore, the optimal angle of 65° was chosen. Experimental errors such as unintentional polarization of the measurement beam were minimized by division by reference spectra taken on an undoped sample and further by normalization to a fixed value in the region of 4000 cm−1 to 7000 cm−1. The carrier profile in boron-doped samples was parametrized by 3 parameters and that in phosphorous-doped samples was parametrized by 4 parameters, using additional empirically determined assumptions. As a physical model, the Drude equation is used with two parameters assumed to be concentration-dependent: relaxation time and contribution from band-to-band excitations. The model parameters were calibrated independently by infrared ellipsometry. The presented method gives results in satisfactory agreement with the profiles measured by the electrochemical capacitance-voltage method.

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DOI: 10.1063/1.5015988

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