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Pavel Dvořák, Jaroslav Jánský, Lenka Zajíčková, Jan Janča

Energy Distribution of Hydrogen Ions in Capacitively Coupled Low Pressure Discharge

Acta Physica Slovaca 55 (2005) 441–446

The H-3(+), H-2(+) and H+ ion energy distributions (IEDs) were recorded in the 13.56 MHz hydrogen glow discharges with the energy dispersive quadrupole mass spectrometer (PPM 421) horizontally mounted between the discharge electrodes. The discharge was capacitively coupled with an asymmetric arrangement. The measurements were spatially resolved along the discharge axis, i.e. perpendicular to the electrodes, and reflected the ion flux to the grounded PPM extraction orifice 15 mm aside the electrodes. The IEDs of H-3(+) and H+ revealed a saddle structure that was suppressed by an effect of collisions in case of H-2(+). The H+ with energies up to 10 eV higher than the maximum energy of the saddle structure were observed and explained by a dissociative ionization of H-2. We proved an appreciable impedance of the plasma glow region from the width changes of the saddle structure. The effect of pressure and rf power on the IEDs was studied for a fixed position at the glow region.

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